Who is Silver.International ?

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to my corner of the internet where you can find informational articles about mainly silver coins, but also topics related to the stacking of precious metals and coin collecting / numismatics in general.

I’m a resident of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and live in the historic region of West-Friesland which is situated in North-Holland province.

The region of West-Friesland has a prominent place in the history of Dutch currency and had its own Mint which revolved in turns in the cities of Medemblik, Enkhuizen and Hoorn during the 16th – 18th century.

All though I had an affinity with coins since I was young, it wasn’t until the year of 2019 that I would dive completely into the world of collecting and stacking. This means that my journey into this field is still fresh and the coin collection (compared to others) relative “small”.

Region of West-Friesland in the Netherlands with Coat of Arms. * Source ;

I would label myself as part “stacker” and part “collector” at this current point in my life where I actually started out as 100% stacker. Just like many other people I wanted to preserve a portion of my money in the form of gold or silver bullion, and not necessarily to invest or gamble on possible rising spot prices in the future.

But along the way I got hooked on beautiful designs depicted on coins so that I wouldn’t only stack the generic bullions coins, but also numismatic bullion coins which aren’t actually suited for maintaining ones wealth purely in silver or gold form.

Not only do I stack generic bullion like the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf or Wiener Philharmonikers, but also former late 20th century Dutch constitutional silver as means of preserving wealth. Articles about Dutch Silver can be found here.

Dutch constitutional silver : Queen Beatrix 10 Gulden 1999. * Own collection ;

What kind of (silver) coins make up your collection ?

I like to collect silver coins from all countries over the world, but I also like to be practical with this side of the collecting hobby next to the stacking field. Every non bullion or non junk silver coin in my collection in essence still equates a certain worth, especially when we only take the silver or gold content in account, but isn’t directly “liquid” on the Dutch market.

That’s why I decided to split up the numismatic / foreign silver collection into two parts :

  • A definitive private collection consisting mainly of historical Dutch coins, and numismatic coins or rounds that I find so gorgeous that I only will sell in case of an emergency (which I hope will not happen of course) ;
  • A temporary private collection consisting of foreign and numismatic coins which I enjoy for a period of time. These are documented for my own digital archive, placed on this website and then sold to other fellow coin enthusiasts so that they in turn can enjoy the coins ;

Dutch Republic : 3 Gulden 1794 – Utrecht. * Own collection ;

In this way we can actually discern three sections in my way of stacking and collecting in which the first field is the “stack”, and the two other the above mentioned parts.

To summarize :

I’m a relative novice stacker / collector but along the way knowledge, the collection and the stack will increase and accordingly also the content on silver.international. Hope you’ll enjoy the articles on this site and all feedback is welcome !