Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the new CyberCurtainTwitcher Magnetic Coin Slide made from bamboo. Check out Cyber Curtain Twitcher if you don’t know him already, and perhaps if you also want one of these cool slides.

He already made about 1500 of these slides which come in : granite finish, mahogany, oak and bamboo depending on materials available due to the pandemic.

Personally I would say a must have item if you want to check out in a cool way if you’re coins are made up of real silver. I find it an amazing piece and loving the craftmanship by CCT.

So if you’re interested in one of these, here’s the email address to contact Cyber Curtain Twitcher, and ask for more information : cyber.curtaintwitcher@gmail.com

I’m wishing everybody a great week ! Be blessed you all !

Check out the Bamboo Magnetic Coin Slide made by CyberCurtainTwitcher on my Youtube channel :