Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Silver.International ! On this website diverse precious metals bars from Schöne Precious Metals are shown. The crazy thing is that last Wednesday 19th April 2021 at around 2 p.m., an armed robbery took place just when an armored money transport had arrived.

At least 7 men armed with machineguns stole goods with a rumored value of about €40 – €50 million. Shots were fired by them outside on the street which was very dangerous because of the residential housing across the street.

They fled in 2 Audis and a Porsche with the police hot on their heels. Two cars sped in the direction of a small village outside Amsterdam named Broek in Waterland.

Here they burned their initial getaway cars, and transferred to a Renault Clio and a Renault Megane, to hopefully get away unnoticed.

They didn’t get far however when one car ran into a ditch, and the other one soon after crashed into a tree of a garden, all happening around houses where innocent civilians were present at the time.

Some people tried to hide in their houses and others wanted to see what the commotion was all about. Which maybe isn’t a good idea with live rounds being fired outside.

5 criminals then tried to flee from the police through farmlands and a firefight ensued. One of the criminals, a 47 year old male with French nationality was killed and some other criminals were wounded by gunshots.

Another robber was taken down by a police dog and eventually 4 persons with “French” and “Belgian” nationality, aged between 23 and 40 years were arrested.

The third getaway car was also pursued and found burning under the A1 Diemen highway passage. A 5th person was arrested not far from here on suspicion of being connected to the armed robbery.

About an hour later and some 60 kilometers south of Amsterdam, a 6th person was pulled of the road driving a Renault which French license plates, and also turned into custody together with the 5 other criminals.

The Police is still on the look out for at least two other fugitives, but luckily no innocent bystanders or police officers were injured during the whole ordeal that lasted for about half an hour.

Most of the loot has been said to be recovered. What’s actually amazing is the fact that the police that responded first, were only outfitted with their handgun service weapons as opposed to the robbers who were armed with automatic rifles

Later the more heavily armed police units covered in body armor, and also being equipped with automatic rifles arrived on the scene when the chase through the farmlands was over.

Schöne Precious Metals was founded in 1739 but closed its inhouse melting and refining operations in 2017. Under the umbrella of mother company Umicore they still operate, but production of silver and gold bars depicting the Schöne Precious Metals marks ceased for some years now.

So these are all vintage Dutch silver bars with quite a numismatic premium, and because of the failed heist could increase a bit in value.