The region of Austria since Medieval times served as the base of many royal families among most notable “The House of Habsburg”. The 10th century “Magriavate of Austria” would develop over the course of centuries into an Archduchy and serve as an integral part of the Holy Roman Empire.

At the turn of the 18th century the Holy Roman Empire was crumbling apart and would eventually disintegrate also because of the wars and successive defeats against France under the leadership of Napoleon.

The Austrian Empire was created in 1804 and would last in this form until 1867. This Austrian Empire ended with the 1866 war between diverse German states where the one half was led by Prussia, and the other half by Austria.

The Prussian led confederation with exceptional leaders such as Otto van Bismarck would win the war, and dictate the terms of the Austro-Hungarian compromise of 1867.

From 1867 until its defeat in World War 1 the Austrian Empire would continue further as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Imperial coat of arms of Austria. * Source ;

During this era Austria would reach it greatest extent in terms of population, land area, political and military power.

To give summarization :

  • It was the third largest Empire after the Russian and First French Empire
  • It ranked as the third populous country behind Russia and Great Brittain ;
  • It was together with Prussia the chief power in the German Confederation ;
  • It had the fourth largest machine building industrial capacity in the world ;
  • When it came to the manufacturing and exporting electrical appliances it was the 3rd largest behind the United States and The German Reich ;

The Austrian Empire at its greatest extent (1850s). * Source ;

After being defeated in World War 1 by the Allies the Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved with the intent that the Austrian German States would be merged with the rest of Germany. This short-lived “Republic of German-Austria” lasted from 1918 until 1919, but failed to be recognized.

The First Republic of Austria would emerge from these ashes in September of 1919 and would last until 1934 when the “Federal State of Austria” was established. The Federal State of Austria would eventually be annexed by Nazi Germany on the 12th of March 1938 with the “Anschluss”.

On the obverse the Parliament building in Vienna is depicted together with Pallas Athena, renowned and recognized as the patron of wisdom and knowledge.