This 30 Ngultrums coin issued in 1975 concerns a commemorative issue, of which the theme is the “International Women’s Year”. The United Nations for a very long time, had been working on trying to setup and pass a declaration with the intention of lowering / eliminating, inequality or discrimination against women.

1975 was the year the first conference regarding this matter was held in Mexico City.

1 Ngultrum in turn is made up of 100 Chhertum

Painting of Bhutan, 1813. * Source ;

Bhutan is a country in Asia and lies between India and Tibet. There aren’t many of this coin in existence, with only 14.000 being minted of the regular version.

On the reverse we have a person looking over to the left with a grain sprig, but actually a more interesting feature would be the background.

Because in the background we see what is called a “Dzong”. These structures were actually fortified temple complexes, and were built during the rule of “Ngawang Namgyal”.

This person was an abbot that arrived in Bhutan from Tibet, in the year of 1616 possibly fleeing from religious conflict.

He succeeded in uniting Bhutan under one common banner, and became the first “Shabdrung”, or Ruler of Bhutan.

Punakhadzong and the river Mo Chhu. * Source ;

On the obverse we have what are called “Vajra’s”, this in Sanskrit meaning “lightning bolt” or “diamond” to name a few. In our Western mindset these are known as scepters of royalty… or the staff of a wizard like Merlin.

The coin weighs 25 grams and has a Fine Silver content of 500/1000. This coin contains 12.5 grams or 0.4019 ozt of actual silver.

A Tibetan vajra (club) and tribu (bell). * Source ;

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