Hi Ladies and Gentlemen ! Today I’m presenting this unique Chac Mool Cinco Nuevos Pesos from 1994, which is part of the Pre-Columbian Maya series.

This is a 999 Fine Silver 1 ounce bullion coin and minted in a quantity of 50.000 pieces (regular).

Chac Mool is the term used for a range of stone sculptures in the form of a person lying on it’s back.

It’s believed to be used in ritual ceremonies, and thought to originate from the Toltec civilization.

Chaac Mool stone statue. * Source ;

Obverse :

Mexican coat of arms inside hexagon. Weight and fineness at the bottom.

Text (Spanish):

  • Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • 1 Onza de Plata
  • Ley 0.999

Text (English) :

  • United Mexican States
  • 1 Ounce of silver
  • Fineness 0.999


Chaac Mool stone statue within hexagon. 

Text (Spanish) :

  • 1994 Mo
  • Chaac-Mool

Translation (English) :

  • 1994 Mexico City
  • Chaac-Mool

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