Hi Ladies and Gentlemen ! Today I’m presenting this commemorative “Sacerdote” Cinco Nuevos Pesos from 1998, which is part of the Pre-Columbian Toltec series.

The Toltec civilization existed in Mexico from 900 until the 1500’s A.D.

“Sacerdote” is the Spanish translation for the English word ”Priest”, and this relates to the reverse side which depicts a wood carving of a Toltec priest.

Clay vessel in Toltec style. * Source ;

Obverse :

Mexican coat of arms inside trapezoid. Weight and fineness at the bottom.

Text (Spanish):

  • Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • 1 Onza de Plata
  • Ley 0.999

Text (English) :

  • United Mexican States
  • 1 Ounce of silver
  • Fineness 0.999


Toltec Priest inside trapezoid. 

Text (Spanish) :

  • 1998 Mo
  • Sacerdote

Translation (English) :

  • 1998 Mexico City
  • Priest

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