This 50 Dirhams in 1975 commemorates the 20th anniversary of Moroccan independence from France and Spain.

Morocco is a North African country and on a yearly basis a lot of fruit is exported to Europe among which large quantities of citrus food.

Location of Morocco in North Africa.

The coin itself has quite a hefty weight to it coming in at 35 gram / 1.1253 ozt, and is composed out of 0.925 Fine or Sterling Silver. So we have 32.38 gram / 1.0409 ozt of actual silver in this 50 Dirhams, which is just a bit more than your generic 1 oz silver bullion coin.

The regular version is minted in a quantity of 6.000 pieces, and of this proof variant only 4.400 coins have been made. When the melt value of this coin is already at $26 (15 October 2020), you can imagine what the numismatic worth of the coins is.

King Hassan II. * Source :

On the obverse we have the effigy of King Hassan the Second, who sat in office from 1961 until 1999 which was the year that he passed away.

King Hassan the Second came from a dynasty that had been among the top of the ruling class since 1666, and he was succeeded by his son Mohammed the VI.

King Mohammed VI. * Source ;

The Islamic text on the front states “Kingdom of Morocco – King Hassan the 2nd”, and for those that aren’t aware : Arabic is read from the right to the left.

On the reverse we have the lovely Coat of Arms of Morocco which comes out even better in the proof finish. The lettering in the top states in English : 20th anniversary of Moroccan Independence, and below the text says 50 Dirhams when translated.

Furthermore we see the issuing year of 1975 depicted together with 1395, which would be the Islamic variant in the countenance of years since Mohammed the Profet.