Niue for some years now has issued, through the Poland Mint, a series that is based on famous paintings. The premiums on these coins are quite high, but when I saw this “Milkmaid” at the bullion dealers I knew I wanted to have one.

The Milkmaid was painted by Johannes Vermeer who was a Dutch 17th century Golden Age artist. He was born in the city of Delft, and right now you’re looking at some paintings done by him from the city of Delft.

View on Delft by Johannes Vermeer. * Source ;

Little street Delft by Johannes Vermeer. * Source ;

Other notable paintings from his hand are :

The Girl with the Pearl Earring. * Source ;

The Art of Painting. * Source ;

The Astronomer. * Source ;

The Geographer. * Source ;

The Music Lesson. * Source ;

Woman reading a Letter. * Source ;

As you can see the coin is actually more square, and that’s pretty cool, because it’s intended to also look like a painting with a golden frame. I’ve also seen the Milkmaid painting being done on an American Silver Eagle, but to be honest… this looks way better !

Check out the famous “The Milkmaid” painting by Johannes Vermeer in 1 oz silver on my Youtube channel :