Suriname issued the special Proof 25 Guilders silver coin to celebrate the World Cup Soccer which was held in Italy during the summer of 1990. West-Germany would win the 1990 World Cup edition by beating Argentina in the finals with 1-0.

On the 25th  of November 1975 the Republic of Suriname gained their independence from the Netherlands. Before and after this event a lot of Dutch Surinamese emigrated to the Netherlands.

One of these persons was George Gullit, the father of soccer player Ruud Gullit, who emigrated to the Netherlands in 1958 accompanied by his wife and the three children he had with her.

In Amsterdam he met Ria Dill and they soon became lovers, of which the out of wedlock born Ruud Gullit was the result.

Ruud Gullit, 21-3-1988. * Source ;

Ruud Gullit made his debut when he was only 16 years old in the colors of football club Haarlem. He would have an extraordinary career playing in the Netherlands also for Feyenoord Rotterdam and P.S.V. Eindhoven earning him :

  • 1x Championship Dutch “Eerste Divisie” 1980/1981 ;
  • 3x Championship Dutch “Ere Divisie” 1983/1984 and 1985/1987 ;
  • 1x Cup Winner 1983/1984 ;
  • Diverse titels like “Dutch Footballer of the Year” ;

After these successes he decided it was time to spread out his wings and signed a deal with A.C. Milan where he was joined by other Dutch soccer legends Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard.

With A.C. Milan he would also win numerous prizes and eventually also had a career at Sampdoria and Chelsea.

His debut for the Dutch National Squad came when he was 19 years old in a match against Switzerland that was lost.

Left to right : Frank Rijkaard, Marco van Basten an Ruud Gullit. * Source AC Milan ;

He would defend the national Dutch Tricolor during the period 1977 until 1994 when we also take his period in the Dutch youth teams into account.

His biggest triumph came when he won the European Championship with the Netherlands in 1988 when the Soviet Union was defeated with 2-0 in the final match. Ruud Gullit would score the opening goal and as leader of the orange squad was the first Dutch player to ever hold an European Soccer Cup.

Ruud Gullit is the first to hold the UEFA European Soccer Cup. * Source ;

After the Second World War an increasing number of Surinamese made the journey to the Netherlands, but a large portion found themselves staying after their studies because of job options that they wouldn’t have in Suriname.

Because of the economic growth and rebuilding of the Netherlands many Surinamese would also emigrate to the Netherlands around the start of the late 1950’s to fill in labor shortages that were arising.

When Suriname became independent in 1975, followed by troublesome periods during 1980-1982, more Surinamese would emigrate to the Netherlands. These emigration waves led to a substantial Suriname community which todays numbers around the 350,000 persons.

To put this in perspective : the population of Suriname in 2020 is estimated to be approximately 600,000 souls. In a very crude basic way you could say that about 36% of all Surinamese lives in the Netherlands.

Because of these family and former colonial ties there’s a strong bond between the Netherlands and Suriname on diverse levels.

The Netherlands were quoted as one of the favorites to win the World Soccer Cup in 1990 with Ruud Gullit as one of the thriving factors.

Suriname decided to honor this extravagant player who all though born in Amsterdam, had his roots partly in Suriname through his father.

This honor would be his depiction on the silver 25 Guilders that was issued in 1990 and produced by the Royal Mint.

Coat of Arms – Suriname. * Source ;

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